Excel XP Add-in

Dion has developed Slingshot Real-Time Data Engine for Microsoft Excel 2002 - the full featured solution for enabling streaming data into your Microsoft Excel XP Spreadsheets.

Slingshot RTD uses the new Real-Time Data function provided by Microsoft in Excel 2002. This allows massive amounts of streaming data to be managed by the spreadsheet - e.g. a few hundred to a couple of thousand constantly updating real-time links.

The richly featured solution enables users to request real-time market data from Dion's native market data distribution platform InVision or via systems such as the Reuters Triarch or the new Reuters RMDS platforms. Additionally the Real-Time Data Engine Microsoft Excel 2002 enables publication of data created in any Excel 2002 spreadsheet back into the market data distribution system. Such data might be used for internal contribution only or contribution to market data vendors such as Reuters, VWD or Bloomberg.