Telnet Administration Interface

The Slingshot Web Distribution System (WDS) includes a telnet administration facility. This allows an administrator to view vital information about how the WDS is running, how many users are connected and which data is being watched by which users. The telnet interface can be used to see which services are up or down, how many objects are being held in cache, users' queue sizes and how many messages have been sent or received. These statistics can also be requested just like any other object and displayed in a web page for those users permissioned to view the data.

In addition to monitoring statistics, administrators can use the telnet interface to change some of the operational paramters of the WDS dynamically, without having to restart the server. For example an administrator could change: debug mode, output bitrates for each user or timeout values. An administrator could make the WDS to reread permission data or even kick out a logged in user.