Javascript Client API

The Slingshot JavaScript Client API offers developers of web-applications functionality to request and receive real-time data from Slingshot Web Data Server (WDS) using JavaScript only without the need for any external plug-in.

In a nutshell the API has the following functionality:
- Automatic connection handling including recovery from broken connections.
- Request and response handling for data. Requests consist of a service name, a record name and the desired set of fields.
- Re-requesting of request data if the connection has to be renegotiated (broken connection) or if no response to the original request is received.
- Client can unmonitor all the requested fields for a record or a subset of the requested fields.
- Partial field updates are supported.
- Client can contribute data to the server.


The C++ Client API offers all of the objects and functionality of the Java API, with even higher performance. The C++ API is recommended for developing stand-alone applications operating outside a web-browser, and therefore provides functions to support SSL and proxy server settings that the browser would otherwise provide. The C++ API is available for Solaris, Linux and Win32.

COM Interface

The COM Interface is a wrapper around the C++ API. The COM interface makes it easy to add streaming data to Microsoft Excel 2000 or to your Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 applications without having to learn the details of an new API.


Microsoft® .NET represents more than just Microsoft's development platform for the future. It is an entire suite of software technologies that underpins Microsoft's longterm software strategy. .NET leverages the benefits of web services and open standards to connect information, people, systems, and devices.
The Slingshot .NET API allows you to start taking advantage of the .NET platform right now by allowing you to integrate streaming data into your .NET applications.

Flash Actionscript3 Client API

The Flash Actionscript3 Client API enable Flash applications to connect to and request data from Slingshot WDS with ActionScript code without resorting to an indirect method such as interfacing the application with javascript .

Flash Player version 9 or higher is required.